The following is a list of projects I have worked on while at Iowa State. It is by no means a complete list, but merely highlights some of my proudest work. Click on each link for more information about each project.

A human powered battery charger

Sophomore Design Project - ME 270

Centered around the One Laptop Per Child project, this assignment presented me with my first chance to work with a group of peers and design a product from an initial model stage to working prototype and beyond. The final result was a human powered laptop charger that took our group to the final round of the class's design competition. A picture of the final design is featured to the right.

Instructables Recipe - ENGL 314

This was a fun little project for a technical communications class which required me to create a tutorial about a topic of my choice. After it was created, it was uploaded to a website for public view and usage. Considering it is simply a recipe for fried rice, it probably doesn't represent my most technical work. You can find a copy of my tutorial here.

Part/Mold Design and Production - ME 324 Lab

A simple mold production process was assigned to my ME 324 Lab. Basically, the lab walked us through designing the a mold, creating a wax copy of the mold to check for errors, creating an actual copy of the mold out of aluminum, and finally, using plastic injection to create a final product.

Homecoming Committee - SALC

While it isn't a project done for any class, the Homecoming Committee (or HCC) is an important function at Iowa State. The people on the committee plan and coordinate many events around Homecoming time. Some of the events I was able to oversee included Yell Like Hell (a traditional cheer off between different groups around campus), athletic tournaments, the battle of the bands and free Overdrive concert, Lawn Displays (decorations and skits around the Greek community) and much more. The opportunity definitely provided me with more people and organizational skills and helped me show off my school spirit. The SALC homepage has information on more recent Homecoming happenings.